Friday, June 27, 2008

LnB: She said Yes

This blogpost contains episode highlights for Carla's character, Precious, in Ligaw na Bulaklak.

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Week 05, Friday, Day 025

Precious and Lea are at the boarding house catching up on each other's news. Precious is amazed by everything that Lea has gone through, and says it's a miracle that Lea can still stand on her own two feet.

Lea says she finds herself envying Precious because she at least has found her sister Misty. Precious assures Lea that she'll find her own family as well as Billy.

At this, Lea says she's not sure how she feels about Billy anymore. Surprised, Precious asks if Lea has found someone new. Lea says no, but that she has heard that Precious is with some new guy.

Precious admits that she's seeing Michael, but that she hasn't officially said yes to him yet because she's playing hard-to-get a little longer.

Upon hearing Michael's name, Lea asks if he's the guy who's Fatima's friend / enemy. Precious says yes, and excitedly tells Lea that Michael is so good-looking.

Lea obviously wants to say more since she knows Fatima has feelings for Michael, but decides to stay silent for now.

The next day, Precious tries to discuss the state of their relationship with Michael, but he tries to evade the subject.

Exasperated, Precious finally pulls him towards her and admits that she loves him and that she's saying yes to him. Michael is stunned but obviously happy as Precious' words sink in.

When it's obvious that Michael still doesn't know what to say, Precious grabs his hand and laughingly pulls him along, saying they should go and get something to eat.

Back at the boarding house, Fatima is pacing back and forth trying to figure out how she should tell Precious that she has feelings for Michael.

When Precious arrives, Fatima says that she has something to say. Still excited from her date with Michael, Precious says she too has news and asks Fatima whether her news is good or bad.

When Fatima doesn't know how to answer, Precious excitedly reveals her news first -- she just said yes to Michael!

Fatima is stunned and at a loss for words. Precious is too giddy with happiness to notice.

When she calms down enough, Precious finally asks Fatima what her news is. Fatima is at a loss for words...

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