Tuesday, June 03, 2008

LnB: Mean Girl

This blogpost contains episode highlights for Carla's character, Precious, in Ligaw na Bulaklak.

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Week 02, Tuesday, Day 007

Precious auditions for the role of Maria Clara in an upcoming production that will be presented by the Girls' Home, but she is rejected because she can't act.

Already upset because she didn't get the part, Precious finds a new reason to dislike Lea when the latter is called in to audition for the role and performs beautifully.

In the shower room later, Precious pours mud over Lea and runs off. Lea's screams draw the attention of the supervisor, who reprimands her and orders her to clean up the mess.

Later, Precious makes it clear to Lea that she was behind her 'mud bath' in the shower room.

Lea finds an opportunity to confront Precious, and a catfight ensues.

Precious falls to the floor just as the supervisor walks in and jumps to the wrong conclusion.

Precious seizes the moment and runs to the supervisor crying about being attacked. Mrs. Reyes tries to plead Lea's case, but the supervisor says this is Lea's third strike, and she must be punished. Lea can only watch as Precious walks away, smiling.

That night, as Lea is alone cleaning up the dining area, Precious stops by and 'accidentally' pushes food trays off the table, making more of a mess, before walking away.

The next day, Precious tries to flirt with the boys next door, only to realize that they're only talking to her because they want to know who the beautiful girl -- Lea -- is.

Later, Lea returns to her bunk to find Precious and her friends shredding her clothes. She tries to stop them, but Precious dares her to intervene as she brandishes a knife(?).

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