Thursday, June 05, 2008

LnB: Act of Kindness

This blogpost contains episode highlights for Carla's character, Precious, in Ligaw na Bulaklak.

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Week 02, Thursday, Day 009

Precious stops her vicious attack on Lea when another girl happens to walk by and sees them. Billy pleads with the other girl to report the attack.

Precious threatens the girl, and she runs away. Concerned that they might be caught, Precious gives Lea one last hard slap across the face before calling off the attack.

As they run off, Lea cries hysterically and runs to Billy.

The next day, Precious deliberately bumps into Lea as she walks past her.

As Precious turns the corner, she doesn't notice a new group of girls come down the stairs; the girl who had witnessed their attack on Lea the night before had brought reinforcements. Lea overhears them plan their own attack on Precious.

The confrontation takes place at the dining hall.

Precious gets a taste of her own medicine when one of the girls grabs her by the hair and pushes her headfirst into one of the tables.

Just then, Lea intervenes and realizes belatedly that Precious' attacker was armed with half a pair of scissors.

The altercation ends abruptly when the supervisor, Ms. L, arrives.

As the other girls run off, Ms. L demands to know if Lea was involved in this.

Before Lea could respond, Precious surprises everyone by stepping forward and telling Ms. L that Lea had nothing to do with the fight.

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