Thursday, June 12, 2008

LnB: Reunited

This blogpost contains episode highlights for Carla's character, Precious, in Ligaw na Bulaklak.

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Week 03, Thursday, Day 014

Lea and Misty are fighting in the kitchen of the boarding house when Precious walks in unexpectedly and calls them both by name. The two adversaries are so shocked to see Precious that they stop fighting.

In the cafeteria, Precious tells Misty that Lea was her very close friend from Girls' Town, and demands to know why the two of them were fighting in the kitchen. Misty accuses Lea of trying to steal Ian from her. Lea angrily denies it, and Precious intervenes to assure Misty that Lea's heart belongs to someone else.

When Misty asks Lea if she really isn't interested in Ian, Lea emphatically says she's not interested at all. Reassured at last, Misty apologizes...

... and promises to stop giving Lea a hard time by tripping her or setting her clothes on fire (Precious is shocked at this discovery). Lea accepts Misty's apology, but warns her that if they get into another fight, she won't pull any punches even if Precious is Misty's sister.

With the fight over, Precious excitedly hugs Lea and tells her she really missed her. She then exchanges hugs with her long-lost sister Misty.

Later in one of the bedrooms, Mrs. Reyes expresses wonder at the fact that the long-lost sister of Precious was staying at her boarding house all this time. Precious agrees, saying it's almost as if the fates had decreed that they'd be reunited.

Mrs. Reyes tells Precious that she can stay at the boarding house; Misty had already made the arrangements. Precious is excited and happy, and assures Lea that although she and Misty got off to a bad start, Precious will make sure they become good friends.

Lea tells Precious it's all Misty's fault for becoming jealous without cause. Mrs. Reyes comments that she figured their fight was over some guy, and asks who the guy is. Lea quickly denies there being anyone. Mrs. Reyes goodnaturedly says they can try hiding the truth from her but she'll find out eventually.

Mrs. Reyes goes on to say that Precious can have the bunk bed that's above Lea's. Precious is so happy to be reunited with her friend, and says that having Mrs. Reyes there with them just makes it all better.

Later, the girls are still catching up on each other's lives. Precious says Ms. L focused all her attention on her after Lea left. Lea says Ms. L really should get married so she can stop picking on her charges.

Precious hops off the top bunk and accidentally knocks a tin can off of Lea's bed. She apologizes profusely, but quickly becomes curious about the contents of the tin.

She opens it to find a photo. Lea tells her it's a photo of her mother. Precious holds the photo up next to Lea for a moment, saying that both Lea and her mother are beautiful, then admires the photo one last time before returning it to the tin.

Precious also finds a dried flower in the tin and asks if Billy was the one who gave it to Lea. Lea admits that it was the first flower Billy had ever given her.

Precious quietly asks if Lea has heard any news at all from Billy. When Lea sadly shakes her head no, Precious quickly gives her friend a supportive hug and assures Lea that everything will turn out okay.

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