Friday, June 13, 2008

LnB: Meeting Michael

This blogpost contains episode highlights for Carla's character, Precious, in Ligaw na Bulaklak.

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Week 03, Friday, Day 015

Precious is helping out at the boarding house's eatery when Michael arrives in search of Fatima. He appears to be momentarily speechless as he gets his first real look at her.

Michael asks her if she knows where Fatima is. It takes her a moment or two before she remembers that there is a girl named Fatima staying at the boarding house. She tells Michael that Fatima left to go to the market with Mrs. Reyes.

Michael doesn't seem to quite know what to do as Precious starts flirting with him. On impulse, he hands her a small gift (which seems to have been intended for Fatima). Precious is surprised and touched.

But he surprises her even more by abruptly leaving after she thanks him. Annoyed, she mutters "Torpe!" under her breath, before going back to her chores.

Some time later...

Precious is walking with a friend when she notices Michael drive by in his car. When he comes to a stop, she quickly walks over to the car and asks Michael if he's the guy who had been looking for Fatima the other day.

Michael says yes, then gets out of the car to talk to her. Precious walks around the car and says that now that they've met again, perhaps he can actually tell her his name.

Michael is nonplussed and Precious has to repeat her question. He finally pulls himself together long enough to give her his name.

When she asks him if he's courting Fatima, Michael quickly denies it, saying that he was just being friendly. He asks her to tell Fatima that he just dropped by, though he doubts that Fatima would want to hear his name.

Precious thinks for a moment, then reaches for his hand and starts shaking it as she introduces herself. And she assures him that she's happy to hear his name.

Michael keeps holding onto her hand with a silly smile on his face... until Precious has to prompt him to let her hand go.

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