Wednesday, June 25, 2008

LnB: Kayo Na?

This blogpost contains episode highlights for Carla's character, Precious, in Ligaw na Bulaklak.

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Week 05, Wednesday, Day 023

At the boarding house, the girls are speculating about Lea's whereabouts while Mrs. Reyes is sitting glumly listening to them talk. Precious says it's possible Lea has found her boyfriend Billy; she knows they had been planning to elope back when they were still at Girl's Town.

Just then, a man comes in with a letter for Mrs. Reyes. He says he was sent by Mon Rodriguez and that he's not allowed to say more.

Mrs. Reyes and Fatima read the letter -- it is from Lea. Lea says she has not forgotten the kindness she has received from Mrs. Reyes, and assures her that she's fine. Mrs. Reyes cries with relief and rushes away. Precious and Rita anxiously ask Fatima what the letter said.

Fatima fibs and says that Lea had been killed. The two other girls immediately start crying and rush after Mrs. Reyes, while Fatima mumbles to herself about them over-reacting.


A few days later, Precious asks Fatima if she'd like to join her and Michael, since they were going to watch a movie. Fatima hesitates at first but eventually agrees. Chuck tries to tag along, but Precious tells him the movie is Rated R-18 so he's too young. They leave before Chuck can protest.

On the walk back home later, Fatima becomes irritated when she notices how affectionate Michael and Precious are with each other. She asks them if they're now a couple. Michael and Precious don't answer, but their exchanged looks was answer enough.

Upset, Fatima tells them she'll go home on her own, since she's just a third wheel anyway. Precious calls after her, while Michael wonders what could be wrong with their friend.

Precious says she doesn't understand either, but tells Michael it's probably best if they just ignore their friend. Smiling, she invites him to continue their chat at the boarding house. When Michael quickly agrees, Precious smiles and holds on to his arm as they walk home.

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