Saturday, June 07, 2008

Preview, June 2008

Carla is on the cover of Preview Magazine's June 2008 issue.

The cover features Prada's Spring/Summer 2008 collection.

Photography by Jake Verzosa. Story by April Yap.


Carla Humphries, 20

Carla Humphries is an accidental actress. She happened to be homeschooling with the ABS-CBN program when she was almost literally plucked from class and put in front of the camera. But despite this startling beginning, Carla seems suited for the local soap opera scene. She has the mestisa looks that fans really like, she considers acting her passion, and even appreciates the melodramatic turn most Filipino shows have.

"My family always called me a drama queen," she laughs, "when I was a child I would watch myself cry in the mirror." 

And now that she's grown up and gets to cry for living, she still enjoys it. "I like to live in other people's shoes and feel their pain," she says.
Not that her own life was devoid of drama. Carla's family was one of those that moved around a lot, her father always out on business.

Then one day he came home, and his kids weren't sure who he was anymore. 
That's when they decided to settle down in one place for good. "We chose the Philippines because it always had good memories for us," Carla says, narrating how when she was a little girl she would spend a lot of time at her lola's place in Nasugbu where her grandmother was mayor.

In Nasugbu they would get to ride horses, go to the beach, and live out what would at times seem like a fairytale childhood. 

"When I was a little girl, I told everyone I was a princess," Carla chuckles. Now she's growing up to be a real life drama queen, but this time, in every good sense of the term.

A conversation with her makes it obvious that Carla certainly has a very good head on her shoulders, having seen a chunk of the world, and understanding more of how it works than the average 20-year-old. One thing Carla knows from having moved around is that we all have to make room for our differences, which are, after all a big part of what makes us unique individuals.

As she says in her perfect French, "Vive le difference!"

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