Monday, June 23, 2008

LnB: Missing Lea

This blogpost contains episode highlights for Carla's character, Precious, in Ligaw na Bulaklak.

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Week 05, Monday, Day 021

Precious is giddy with excitement when Fatima reveals that Michael is interested in her. Fatima tries to downplay the situation, but Precious is excited and wonders when Michael will come to visit.

Their girl talk is interrupted when one of the boys in the boarding house comes down the stairs and tells Precious that he's always just there. In a tone that's reserved for pesky younger brothers, Precious tells him he's better off hitting the showers first.

Still excited, Precious asks Fatima for more details, as Mrs. Reyes and Monching enter the room. Mrs. Reyes is worried because Lea hasn't come home yet. The younger girls overhear and ask them about Lea, and learn that Mrs. Reyes hasn't heard from her at all.

The girls listen in as the two grown-ups indulge in their usual good-natured bickering, since Mrs. Reyes blames Monching for encouraging Lea with her desire to work for Mon.

Much later, they're all still at home waiting, when Rita rushes into the boarding house calling for Lea.

Rita shocks them by revealing that she overheard some chatter at the club where she's working about a shooting incident at the race track.

People are apparently saying that a girl named Lea was shot, and that she had been with a certain Mon Rodriguez at the time. Rita asks -- isn't Mon the name of the man that Lea works for?

Later still, Misty enters the boarding house hot on Ian's trail, asking him to give her one last chance. Ian tells her he's not interested, and asks Fatima and Precious if they've heard from Lea. They tell him no, that Mrs. Reyes has not yet called to give them news.

When Misty asks Ian how many times Lea will have to turn him down before he gives up on her, he says rudely that it will probably take as many times as he has to say no to her.

As Ian walks off, Misty sighs then says to the girls that he'll eventually give in. Precious tells her sister that she admires her fighting spirit.

Exasperated, Misty wonders out loud where Lea could possibly be, and wishes that Lea were home so she can reject Ian one more time.

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